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This journal is used for different Jean-Claude's. I will en devour to say who he is each post from here on.
Theres the pre-vampire Jean-Claude
New born vamp JC
The vessel for the traveller JC.

His bio can be found here Here

Important he is what some might think of as a incubus being able to feed off of lust and sex. He has a laugh and voice that can literally be sexual like a hand caressing an intimate place.
He also has something called "The Arduer" which must be sated. It can infect people making them very horny to the point where there is no longer control. And people often known to do things under the influence they would never normally. JC is as much a victim to this in his youth as anyone else.

His back is covered in fine scars from his youth as a whipping boy. He has a cross scar on his chest.

Kinks for him are stockings and shoes, but almost anything goes with him.

details on request

Jan. 11th, 2009

I've been denied too long. How I failed to see it before I do not know but I truely have. Perhaps it is not that I've seen Asher, my poor sweet Asher, that I realise that I have. 

I've been neglecting myself. Too long have I only been feeding the lust for blood to avoid finding myself subjected to the whims of my masters that I have the power building with in me so strong it's leaking. I must have sex. I must find a pomme de sang willing to sate both lusts.

Finally, I am myself.....
At last.....



I'm me again!


Its perhaps the cruelest thing the Traveller has done since he's had me. To not feed, not take blood, sex, abstaining......
I knew he would want to see what would happen but......
It was disgusting, he refused my needs until he could no longer restrain my form, he fled my body leaving me in a room with, children.
When I finally regained control......
No ones stomach is strong enough to witness such horrors.

The Traveller

Being the vessal for the Travellar is so strange, to be awake and consious but unable to control what your body is doing, what is being done to it. It's, an abuse I wish I could fight. But I can not. There is no way to fight. I can only, lay back and take it. But being an active partcipant in your own rape? I, I'm not sure whether or not this is better or worse than being bound with crosses in my coffin. At least this way I am fed, but........ I, I'm unsure if I can talk about this further.
I have heard the phrase so many times "It's your life" but what if it is not 'your life' what if someone else were to have control of your life? be it as a servant or slave? Surely then it is not your life. It is their's. As my life is belle mortes, is the travellers. 
But Maybe, maybe some day it will be my life.


1) What was the biggest event in your life?
Dying and becoming a vampire
1)A) Uh, well I meant actually in LIFE, you know before your death......
Oh Being sold to become a whipping boy. It was an honor upon my family. And I was able to learn so much
2) What you the biggest event after your Vampireism?
Meeting Belle Morte, if not for her I may never have learnt control of my powers. Although, I thought I had known slavery and humiliation before her, now I am not so sure. You are sure she shall not hear my answers.....?
I assure you Jean-Claude you are safe here in this interview
3) Have you ever felt love? And I mean the emotion rather than the act.....
Oui, My family loved me dearly, and the boy I grew up with also. I, I also believe it was the truest of Love between myself Asher and Julianna. 
4) what happened there?
I do not care to talk about it.....
4)A) But I'm sure our readers would love to hear about it.....
4)B) But Jean claude-
NON, I shall not, this interview is over...

Uh, ok well I guess thats the interview over for now.




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